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Provably Fair

Learn more about the provably fair system that guarantees the fairness and transparency of the draws in our application.

What is the provably fair system?

The provably fair system is a mechanism that allows fully transparent and fair draws.
Thanks to this system, each user can verify the result of the draw and be sure that they have not been cheated.

How do you prove that the system is fair?

1. First, we publish a list of participants with their checksums on our Twiter account:
This allows anyone to check that the contents of the file have not been changed since publication.

2. After publishing the list of participants, we share another post containing the signature generated by the service
The result of the draw can be verified using this signature on the site

3. Anyone can check and compare that the time of publication of the list of participants is earlier than the generation of the draw result by the service
This way you can be sure that our draws are fair and transparent.

4. If you participated in the drawing and did not win, you can check whether your account ID is on the list of participants and whether you had a chance to win.
The account ID can be found in the application in the section "My Account" -> "Account ID".

How do giveaways work in our app?

1. Once the contest is over, we create a list of participants with number of their tickets, assigning each user a range X-Y (1 <= X, Y < total tickets) depending on user tickets number and save it as a CSV file.

2. We calculate the MD5 checksum based on the list of participants from the previously saved CSV file.

3. We publish the list of participants with the checksum on our Twitter account:

4. After publishing the list of participants, we generate using the service A random number in the range [1; total tickets].

5. The decimal number drawn corresponds to the range X-Y of the winner from the previously published list of participants.

6. We conclude with another post on our Twitter account:, including:
Winner id - ID drawn user,
Winner tickets - number of winner's tickets,
Total tickets - total number of tickets,
Result random number - drawn decimal number from the service,
Random data oraz Signature which are required to verify the result of the draw on the site | CS2 | CS2

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