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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer all your questions about our innovative application.

1. General Information

What is the mobile application | CS2? | CS2 is an innovative mobile application that allows users to earn free skins for Counter-Strike 2.

How can I earn points?

Points can be earned in many ways, including watching advertisements, playing games, completing surveys, inviting friends, taking QuizTime quizzes and completing achievements but these are not all the ways to earn points, check out our app and discover them all!

What can I do with the points I earn?

Points can be exchanged for Counter-Strike 2 game skins, which go into your virtual inventory in the app and can later be paid out to your Steam account via Steam Trade URL without having to log into your Steam account.

Can I withdraw points directly?

No, the points are only redeemable for Counter-Strike 2 game skins, which can later be withdrawn from the in-app inventory.

2. Skin Withdrawals

How can I withdraw acquired skins?

Acquired skins are available in your inventory, which you can find in the main menu under "My Account" -> "Inventory". From there, you can initiate the withdrawal of skins.

What are personalized skins?

Personalized skins are manually withdrawn by us. After initiating the withdrawal, we send an exchange offer within 24 hours.

How long does it take to withdraw skins?

Skins without personalization are usually withdrawn within a few minutes. Skins with personalization are typically processed within 24 hours.

Do unredeemed skins have a time limit?

Yes, unredeemed or unsold skins in the inventory expire after 1 month from their acquisition, and they cannot be withdrawn or sold at that point. If the skin expires user gets 70% (or 75% if has an active prime account) of skin's value.

How much time do I have to accept a skin withdrawal offer?

After initiating a skin withdrawal and sending it by us, the user has 5 minutes to accept the exchange offer. If they do not manage to do so or an error occurs, they can initiate the withdrawal again.

Do personalized skins have time restrictions for accepting the withdrawal?

Personalized skins do not have a time restriction for accepting the withdrawal. However, in this case, you need to wait up to 24 hours for the exchange offer to be sent.

3. Inviting Friends

How can I invite friends to | CS2?

You can invite friends by sharing your unique referral code available in the application's main menu under the "Affiliate Program" section.

Can I use more than one referral code on one account?

No, you can only use one referral code per account.

How can the invitee use the referral code?

The invitee must enter the referral code in the "Promo Codes" section available in the application's main menu.

What do both the inviter and invitee gain?

Both the inviter and the invitee receive points as a reward for a successful invitation.

Is there a limit on invitations?

There is no limit on invitations; you can invite as many people as you want.

4. Completing Tasks from Our Partners

How long does it take to receive points from a partner after completing a task?

Usually, the time to receive points from a partner is a few hours, but it can take up to 24 hours.

What should I do if I don't receive points after completing a task?

If you do not receive points after completing a task, wait at least 24 hours. If the issue is not resolved, contact the partner who offered the task first.

Why is granting tracking permission in the application important?

To ensure correct tracking and awarding of points for completed tasks, it is necessary to grant permission for tracking in our application. Make sure you have this feature enabled to avoid issues with point allocation.

Is it safe to use partner offers?

Yes, we only collaborate with trusted partners, and all offers are carefully checked for security. However, if you notice anything suspicious, please inform us immediately.

5. Contests

What types of contests does | CS2 offer?

We offer three types of contests: daily, weekly, and monthly, to provide variety and opportunities for different participants.

How can I participate in a contest?

To participate in a contest, you must meet specific requirements. For example, during a contest period, you may be required to watch a certain number of ads or open a certain number of crates.

Are contests safe?

Yes, our contests are safe. We use a provably fair system that guarantees the fairness and transparency of drawings.

What is the provably fair system?

Check out information here: provably fair.

Can I participate in multiple giveaways simultaneously?

Yes, you can participate in different types of giveaways simultaneously by meeting the requirements for each of them.

6. User Restrictions

Can I use multiple accounts?

No, users cannot use multiple accounts.

Is using VPNs allowed?

No, using VPNs and proxies is prohibited.

What happens if I violate these rules?

Violation of the rules may result in a ban. Users can appeal the ban on our Discord server:

7. Support and Assistance

Where can I get help with the application?

Users can get help on our Discord server:

How quickly can I expect assistance?

Assistance on our Discord server is usually provided within 24 hours.

Can I appeal an account ban?

Yes. If your account is banned, you can appeal the ban on our Discord server: | CS2 | CS2

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